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The artificial island, Saki Shima, floating in the Osaka Bay area, is located in a convenient location that allows a variety of approaches from the sky, the sea, and the land, and at the same time, it is also a tourism hub that allows you to travel smoothly to tourism cities in Kansai .
There is no barriers between work and leisure, so I work like?traveling. It is the area that fits best in our era where high mobility is required.

By Rail

Summarize the presentation materials on the Shinkansen, get off at Shin – Osaka station, and enter the meeting in about 40 minutes. There is an excellent traffic infrastructure that carries you on time. Good access from the nearest station to INTEX Osaka, it’s only 5 minutes walk, will be the point of choosing your venue.

By Car

To make good use of the huge city of Asia “Osaka”, you are very smart to utilize the compactly developed highway. Even when moving from the airport to the Bay Area, or heading to Kyoto and Kobe, the highway in Osaka connects ?the ring of cities.

By Bus

Hospitality starts from the Kansai International Airport bus terminal. You can feel the high performance of Osaka city at a reasonable price.1 hour until landing at Grand Prince Hotel Osaka Bay.Please enjoy the scenery of Osaka, which is updated every day.


Kansai International Airport where you first land off in Osaka where the entire world is watching. From the huge hub airport with more than 21 million passengers for international flights to the bay area, we offer a variety of support to improve your journey.

By Rail
By Car
By Bus


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